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11JulAmmo velocity added to Ammo page

There’s a huge difference in velocity on all ammo types. At first, most of us goes for the most damage and penetration, but we often forget the importance of the bullet speed, which affects the drop and so forth. Hopefully, this will help you out even more when choosing the right type of ammo!

9JulGame tweaks on the latest patch

– Scavs will no longer have VOG grenades. They were sniping players without having a chance to avoid them.

– Increase spawn chance of bosses

– Killa’s 6B13 M armor now will spawn with 100% chance (as it was)

– upped 12/70 and 20/70 ammo (ammo page is up to date with these changes)

8JulQuest items up to date

Wow, I sure was missing some items from the Quest items page. Sorry about that! It’s now safe to use it as a reference as it is up to date.

The page has now an updated stamp so you can see what date it was last updated. Also, if you find something that’s wrong. Please let me know!

5JulRaid. Episode 4 is out!

If you haven’t checked out the youtube movies that BSG have done for the game, you really really should! Episode 4 is now out, but make sure to watch the first three if you’ve missed them!

5JulAmmo ballistics update

BSG keeps modifying ammo and we have to keep up! A lot of changes have been made. Some slight ones and some bigger ones. The bigger updates were done at once on the page but the latest patches have had some silent changes to ammo that now should be updated 🙂

30JunReserve got a hot new update!

I’ve wandered around the tunnels of Reserve in search for some sweet loot and really being a safe way up to the dome and extraction. I never liked the hermetic door nor the train. Now Reserve is connected underground with the main buildings and it’s brilliant! New extraction and a LOT of firefight.
Maybe it’s time to stick to the outdoors now 🙂

Do you know of an updated map? please let me know so I can add it to the maps page

29JunStacking backpacks now prohibited on your character

BSG keeps on working towards a better solution to fight off Real Money Transfers and cheating. This time they are hitting on the stacking of bags on a character.

Their official tweet:

The change affects the bigger backpacks that had more inventory slots than they took up, like beta2. The smaller backpacks, berkut and below are still able to stack in character.

Do you have stacked backpacks on your character? this reddit post by saviorx32s might help you out then

25JunGunsmith Part 4: M4A1 a cheaper alternative

Reddit user UltraeVires has posted a much cheaper alternative than the one found on the official Wiki.

You can find his post here or just read below:

Most people are using the Wiki to complete these quests:


The Magpul M-LOK and the Hogue pistol grip cannot be bought at Traders, so are each at an extortionate ₽60,000+ on the Flea Market at time of posting (currently there aren’t any Hogue’s left at all).

I played around with the attachments and came across a cheaper alternative, saving +₽60,000:

  • Magpul MOE AR-15 Pistol Grip – the two colour options are going for around ₽20,000 on Flea
  • Magpul M-LOK 4.1 inch guide – Mechanic LL2, ₽1,600
  • Attach the above to any foregrip with +6 ergonomics or higher, I used;
    Zenit RK-5 – Skier LL3 or ₽10,000 on Flea
    (I haven’t tried: KAC vertical pistol grip / Tango Down stubby)

This leaves the build short by +2 ergo, so I replaced the stock charge handle:

  • Raptor Charging Handle for AR-15 – Skier LL3 or ₽20,000 on Flea
    – or –
  • Geissele ACH charging handle for AR-15 – ₽10,000 on Flea (few get listed)

This can save you at least ₽60k at the current Flea prices. Be sure to thank me by chucking my gear in a bush.

24Jun.366 ammo changes

.366 ammo has gotten a small buff, giving all three sorts more damage and EKO and FMJ getting more armor dmg as well. Check it out at the ammo page

22JunPatch 12.6.7 updated ammo stats for 5.56

As always, Battlestate enjoys changing stuff without telling us. And it’s actually a good thing. I enjoy finding out changes as they come and not on a generic patch notes list. There’s been some changes to hideout crafting as well and sadly a barter that we all loved has been removed. Two hotrods for a stack of BS ammo.

20JunFirst look at Customs expansion in Escape From Tarkov

Battlestate games has released a few images from the customs expansion. They posted them on reddit and they really do look juicy!








15JunAdded recommended videos for all maps

There is a lot of great content out there for Escape from Tarkov, specially when it comes to loot and guides for maps. I’ve gathered some recommended videos for each of the maps, giving you stash locations, walk-throughs and much more.

If you think that I’ve missed a specific great video for a specific map or perhaps have suggestions for content? Let me know!

14JunTarkov Stream Drops are live!

Find someone new to follow on Twitch or just go in it for the sweet sweet loot! Either way, BFT has enabled great Drops from 11th of june until 22th!

You need to link your twitch account to your Tarkov Profile (link to an image of the profile page) and just watch a stream!

Not all the streams will give you drops though. Here’s the official list. Just choose the day and pick one of the many streamers that have drops enabled that day.


Patch is out and live! Some QoL changes but most of all, my favorite ”Sound of movement while crouched and on minimal speed is now more quiet”!

You can read the entire patch notes here

14JunTarkov-Helper news

I’m very glad that people are finding their way to Tarkov-Helper and using it more and more. I’m taking it a step forward and adding a news section to the page. Patch notes, new features and such will be posted here as soon as I possibly can 🙂

What is Tarkov-Helper?

I made this little webapp to help myself out with the maps and ammo choice. I would love to get any request on features or changes to the ones that exist

A huge credit to the official wiki of course! All the information and icons are taken from their site. This is just a compilation for easy access when playing the game.

At the moment you can find the following features:

All Tarkov Maps

You can find maps on Woods, Customs, Reserve, Interchange and Factory. I will be adding more map information later on. Just use the menu above!

Important keys

The most important keys for each map. Know what to keep and know what you have to bring along! :) Each key has a link to the official wiki for more information.

Ammunition information

Do you want to know the odds of penetrating class armor with a specific bullet? You got it right here! Check out the ammo page to find out what kind of ammo you need to kill those pesky PMCs


Want to buy a sight or scope and don't know how it will look? Look no further! You can view them here!


Here you can find the perfect Armor or Armored Rig for you! Sort and filter on armor class, body parts it covers or if they are armored rigs or not

Night Vision Devices

Afraid of the dark? Then spend your rubels on some sweet night vision goggles! Head over to the Night Vision Devices section and find out how it looks like!